Native Sun provides premium, uncompromised cannabis alongside an exceptional and educational customer experience unmatched in the state of Massachusetts.

Native Sun is built off of the commitment to take the hard right against the easy wrong.

What does that mean? To put it simply, we have, and always will, value the quality and precision that goes into every piece of our work over the ease and speed of which it takes to produce. We do this by incorporating our seed-to-sale, vertically integrated systems, sourcing premier products from top of the line suppliers and working with educated and passionate in store specialists on a mission to provide a premium customer experience.

Native Sun believes a vibrant cannabis community is made possible through shared knowledge, exceptional customer service, and top of the line product and are dedicated to providing a quality and experience not yet offered in the New England cannabis landscape. We seek a dynamic and educated future cannabis community in Massachusetts that holds the expectation of premium cannabis and an exceptional customer experience in its dispensaries.


Of Pesticide free all-natural cannabis that is certified clean bhy MCR Labs


Vertically integrated product lines, and brand licensing deals to provide industry leading selection


State of the art dispensary built by a team of real-estate experts for an unmatched in store experience


In-store education to make buying approachable and enjoyable


Rooted as a Massachusetts native family business, we are a team of passionate advocates, in store specialists, and experienced industry leaders.


Having grown up in the construction and development industry, Tim has over 10 years of experience operating and managing real estate businesses in Massachusetts. In 2012 he founded Arc Design Group—a Boston boutique real estate development company that specializes in high end luxury housing.


Geoff brings extensive expertise in construction, development, and business management. Geoff is Founder & CEO of The Metric Corporation, a leading construction and development firm. As is part of his nature, Geoff is actively engaged with each project he works on and will be integral to the build-out of Native Sun.


Geoff brings 15 years of investment banking and buy- side investment experience. Geoff now serves as Co-Founder & General Partner at Indicator Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm with offices in Boston, New York and San Francisco.


Connor has been at the forefront of the emerging legal cannabis industry since 2014. As Director of Nucleus One, a business consultancy focused on the legal marijuana industry, he has been instrumental in the license acquisition, launch and ongoing advisory for several successful operations nationwide.


Michael brings over 8 years of experience providing services in the medical marijuana industry. In 2010, Michael began consulting for SJK, LLC, which ran two non-profit cannabis collectives in Long Beach, California.


Zachary brings deep knowledge of business operations and corporate finance. Zachary is an experienced financial and operations leader and currently serves as Chief Investment Officer of Ment Capital Partners, LLC, a venture capital firm he founded in 2009


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